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solid 3 in 1 4 in 1 prosthesi


The prostheses of the Solid Packer collection are hard FTM packers and can only be used as a daily packer and for sexual intercourse. The inner part is not removable.

The "standard" prostheses are available in the STP, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 sections of the shop.

ftm rod

Hard inside

The hard inside with stimulating mouth is one with the penile prosthesis, soft on the outside.

This makes the packer similar to an erect penis and without the STP - stand to pee function.

ftm yoda solid

FTM hard packer - daily use

The Yoda, Khaa and Kylo prostheses, in their Solid variant, have the sole function of full FTM packer, to create volume in the crotch area.

sexual use ftm packer

FTM hard packer - sexual use

The PymTop Eco - Real - Skin and Pymbig prostheses, in the Solid variant, can only be used for sexual intercourse. 

Due to the constant stiffness of the prosthesis, the daily packer function and the STP function cannot be used.

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