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Choosing your own FTM packer is a fundamental step in the gender affirmation process of FTM, Non Binary, Genderfluid and Transmasc trans* people. The packer (or penile prosthesis) is an important ally in relieving genital dysphoria.
However, it is essential to evaluate your choice carefully, knowing the limitations, technical specifications and effective usability of the packer you are going to buy.

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Expectations vs reality

It is essential to approach the purchase of the first prosthesis with an awareness: reality is not what is shown in the media, especially prohibited for minors under 18 years of age.

For this reason, Pymander prostheses have realistic and limited dimensions, which allow them to be used in most situations - albeit with limitations.

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Production times

The Pymander team is constantly striving to find solutions to meet the needs of FTM, Non Binary and Transmasc transgender people.

The production of a single prosthesis has variable waiting times based on the model chosen, from a minimum of one week to ten working days, to a maximum of one month to forty days.

Each FTM packer is created, modeled and painted by hand, individually.

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The Pymander shop offers a wide range of realistic FTM packers, STP Stand to Pee packers and everyday soft packers. 

The price range varies according to product specifications, production time, details, length and accessories. 

It is important to evaluate the purchase starting from a realistic budget, which can be divided through installment paymentsKlarna.


The FTM Pymander packers have a minimum size of 12 cm and a maximum of 19 cm (insertable length which includes only the trunk of the prosthesis and the tip).

The STP - Stand to Pee prostheses vary in size between 9 and 12 cm.

The intermediate size of 15 cm in the 3 in 1 Pack N' Play and 4 in 1 Skin packers can be managed with complete peace of mind, whereas a 12 cm prosthesis could be too small, and 19 cm too big and visible.

We invite the customer to reflect on his own physique compared to the size of the FTM prosthetic.

Realistic measurements

The realistic measurements (both in length and girth) make Pymander prostheses manageable in every function, from packing to sexual use.

Slim fitting Boxers/Briefs

To wear Pymander prostheses comfortably, it is sufficient to wear fairly tight boxers or briefs.

If the size you choose feels uncomfortable or too noticeable, we suggest experimenting with different types of underwear and bottoms.

Packing up, packing down

Depending on the shape of the prosthesis, it can be worn in two ways: up or down. The FTM 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 SKIN packers, given their shape, must be worn upwards, unlike models such as Pymbig or Pympack.

It is important to avoid direct contact with the genitals.


Realism is the fundamental factor that differentiates the various FTM, STP - Stand to Pee, 3 in 1 Pack N' Play and 4 in 1 Skin packer models.

It is therefore necessary to evaluate its importance at the time of purchase with respect to your budget.

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Eco - Monocolor

The FTM prostheses of the single color line have a realistic shape, veins in relief, but are devoid of colored details.

They are an excellent starting point for those entering the world of realistic penile prostheses for the first time, looking for a complete and affordable FTM product.


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Colored veins

The 3 in 1 Pack N' Play prostheses are characterized by great realism at a variable price based on the model and the specifications chosen.

The veins are colored and in relief.

The FTM Pym 3 in 1 packer is an optimal choice for those who can invest a larger budget, with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.


4 in 1 with movable skin

Purchasing a 4 in 1 FTM prosthesis with movable skin means facing a real investment.

The colored details, the movable skin and the realistic shape make the 4 in 1 prosthesis the best choice for those with a high budget and who want to satisfy their psychological and physical well-being.


The "Play" function is characteristic of the FTM 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 packers.

By inserting the rigid rod included in the price at the time of purchase, the packer becomes usable for sexual intercourse. 


How to insert the Rod

To insert the rod inside the prosthesis, we suggest using mild soap or water-based lubricant. 

This is a very delicate step, for which it is necessary to take a few minutes for yourself before dedicating yourself to the other person.

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Protection and cleaning

To have penetrative sex, it is always recommended to use water-based condoms, especially if you have multiple partners, so as to stem the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. 

The use of condoms also helps maintain the integrity of the FTM prosthesis over time.

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Personal well-being

Through the use of 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 prostheses, it is possible to rediscover a dimension of intimate well-being and personal love.

The dialogue with the partner regarding one's own needs is fundamental.

The use of the FTM packer must not cause embarrassment or shame.


All the prostheses present in the Pymander shop have a "Solid" counterpart, which can be purchased by visiting the appropriate section of the shop .

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What does Solid mean?

The prostheses of the Solid line are entirely filled and designed with a single specific function: depending on the model, they can be used exclusively as a daily packer or for sexual intercourse. The internal rod, or the more rigid internal core, is cast and non-removable.

"Standard" dentures are available in the STP, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 categories of our shop.

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No STP - Rigid Prosthesis

Why buy a prosthesis from the Solid line?
The prostheses in this line are ideal for those looking for a specific solution: they can be used exclusively for sexual intercourse or as a full daily packer.

The STP function is NOT available.

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Before purchasing, contact us!

It is always recommended to contact our customer service to obtain detailed and personalized information, ensuring that the chosen prosthesis fully meets your specific needs.

Our team is available to answer all your questions and guide you towards the best choice.

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