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FTM packer STP


Designed to provide unparalleled comfort and functionality, our STP packer are the ultimate solution for managing bottom dysphoria.

Whether you're seeking a realistic look, reliable performance, or enhanced confidence in your daily life, Pymander's STP packer are crafted to meet your needs.

Explore our collection and find the perfect STP packer to alleviate bottom dysphoria and empower your  self discovery journey.


The measurement of the Stand To Pee (laid out) is meant TOTAL or from the tip to the base.

For packers folded downwards, on the other hand, we recommend checking the thickness of the depth, because being full, what is important to know is the volume and not the length of the trunk.

They are products suitable for FTM, Non Binary, FTX, Transmascoline, Genderfluid transgender people.

yoda stp


The Yoda STP prosthesis is the best-selling and most appreciated product by our loyal customers, especially by those looking for their first packer.

The STP function is guaranteed by the ergonomic shape and the wide base which allows an optimal flow during urination.

boxer harness


To wear packers and STP prostheses comfortably, it is advisable to use close-fitting boxers/briefs.

This way, the packer will stay in place and not move throughout the day.

It is not necessary to use harness or necessarily buy the adhesive flap.



PYMPACK packers are very soft to the touch, with a realistic shape and create a realistic volume andstealthinside the pants.

They have the sole function of packer and are not STP.

The downward sloping shape makes them extremely comfortable and easy to use.

stp urinal


The STP function takes time and practice to use to its fullest.

We recommend testing in the shower, in the safety of your home and then testing in public toilets and urinals.

It is important to keep the prosthesis angled down to promote flow.

khaa stp


The KHAA STP prosthesis offers maximum realism at an affordable price.

It is an excellent daily packer and the STP function makes it usable in any situation.

cleaning sex toys


It is possible to clean the packer after use with paper/wet wipes, if water and neutral soap are not available.

It is recommended to use talcum powder before storing the packer.

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