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Terms and conditions

Welcome to Pymander Real Prosthesis. Please read the terms of use carefully as they govern the use of the website. They discharge the company or limit its liability.

The company reserves the right to change, add, delete or update the applicable terms and conditions on the website without notice. By browsing and ordering on you accept the terms without limitation or qualification.

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers agree to use this item at their own risk. This item is not a medical device and no medical use of this item is stated or implied.


You declare and guarantee the Company the following:

Use this site for lawful purposes consistent with our current terms and our Privacy Policy.

Provide accurate information to ensure the proper functioning of our site and take responsibility for such information.

You acknowledge that we may not be able to process requests for which we cannot confirm the accuracy of the information and that we will not be required to process it.

Refrain from using profane or vulgar language and from making defamatory or otherwise rude comments in any email or form created on the site.

Refrain from attempting to interrupt or interfere with the proper functioning of the site in any way, such as spamming, hacking, transmitting viruses or any other means prohibited by the terms.

Real Prosthesis reserves the right to deny access to the site and to suspend the account of users who violate this provision or any other provision of the terms.


The use of the information collected during your visit to is explained in our privacy policy. By continuing to use this site, you declare that you have read and accepted this policy and its terms.


Real Prosthesis is committed to providing accurate information on the products it sells. However, the company cannot guarantee that product descriptions or any other content on the site are accurate, complete, current or error-free. Please note that the colors of the products you will see will depend on your monitor, Real Prosthesis cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on your screen are optimal.

Since your denture is handmade and not machine made, there may be slight variations in product design, i.e. slight differences in appearance, color or detail. Also, the cuts are approximate. You may notice very small air bubbles. They are quite normal, especially for handmade products; these small defects do not affect the functioning of the prosthesis in any way. All of our items are quality checked and carefully checked for potential defects before shipping.

Several people use our prostheses. Some treat them as part of the body and wash it several times a day. Some people use it to urinate and play, which can damage the prosthesis if body fluids are not washed off carefully and regularly, or only after physical activity. In fact, the Ph of each one affects the duration of the prosthesis.

We would like to offer a guarantee, but we cannot assume that all users will treat their prosthesis with the proper and recommended care, even if they claim to do so.

We reserve the right to discontinue production of any product at any time.


The prices displayed and the orders processed are in Euros. Product prices on include sales tax (VAT) but do not include shipping costs which depend on the place of delivery and will be calculated at the time of payment.

Real Prosthesis reserves the right to correct any errors in pricing or product information and to change product prices at any time without notice. In the event of a pricing error, your order will be canceled with all applicable charges and we will contact you to ask you to place another order for the product at the appropriate price.


Before making a purchase request for products through the site, it is necessary to confirm the order which specifies, among other things, the product or products ordered, the purchase price as well as the shipping costs and applicable taxes.

By submitting your request, the order will constitute an offer on your part to Real Prosthesis to purchase the products described in the order confirmation, at the indicated price. The company is not bound by purchase requests until it has authorized them. Our acceptance of your request is evidenced by a return email from Real Prosthesis indicating that your order has been accepted and represents a contract with the company.

If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your order within the specified time frame, we will inform you as soon as possible. If a payment for your order has