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In our community, expectations for a prosthetic penis are very high.

We at Pymander Prosthesis fully understand these expectations, combining our personal experience with in-depth technical preparation, which has often allowed us to face and interpret the complex realities related to the correct creation of prostheses.

Thanks to our profound professional honesty, we prefer to realistically manage the expectations of our valued customers, rather than fuel illusions for profit purposes. We believe it is essential to provide accurate and transparent information to ensure maximum satisfaction and trust.

There are many variables to consider in making a high-quality prosthetic.

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There is a widespread belief that size is the predominant factor in sexual satisfaction. However, we understand that each individual has unique needs and preferences. For those looking for a more specifically size-focused experience, we highly recommend exploring the wide range of sex toys available on the market.

In the context of prosthetics, we believe it is essential that these are comfortable and lightweight, thus ensuring trouble-free use and a natural fit. For this reason, our efforts are always aimed at finding the right balance between aesthetics, dimensions and optimal weight. Each prosthesis we design is the result of meticulous research and development, which takes into account not only aesthetic expectations, but also the practical needs and comfort of the user.

Our commitment is to offer products that not only meet functional and aesthetic needs, but also contribute to the emotional and physical well-being of our customers. We understand that intimacy and sexuality are an integral part of every individual's life, and therefore we are committed to providing solutions that respect the diversity of personal preferences and identities.

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Even for smaller walking packers, we offer innovative and functional solutions to ensure maximum comfort and discretion. Our packers are designed with a hollow shell construction, making them extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods.

The hollow shell shape was developed through careful research and ergonomic design to ensure the packer fits perfectly to the pubic area. This conformation allows for an optimal fit, which translates into greater safety and naturalness in daily movements. The lightweight design also reduces the risk of discomfort or irritation, making our packers ideal for everyday use.

One of the distinctive features of our packers is their ability to adhere to the body without the use of glues or adhesives. This is possible thanks to the innovative design and the choice of high quality materials, which offer a safe and comfortable hold.

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The duration and effectiveness of the adhesion of the glue used for prostheses depends largely on the pH of the skin and its continuous interaction with the prosthesis itself. The genitals are particularly delicate organs, subject to more intense sweating than other parts of the body. This sweating, combined with the skin's natural pH, can significantly affect the glue's effectiveness and skin health.

An acidic skin pH, often caused by sweat, can cause severe skin irritation when it comes into contact with denture glues. Irritations can manifest themselves as redness, itching or even dermatitis, compromising not only the comfort of the user, but also the adhesion of the prosthesis itself.

​For these reasons, we strongly recommend avoiding or limiting the use of glues and harnesses for everyday use wherever possible.

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For years we have been committed to providing the best glues in the medical prosthetic and special effects field, carefully selecting exceptional products for the adhesion of different types of prosthetics, such as artificial nipples or facial prosthetics, including noses and ears. However, it is important to highlight that prosthetic penises present unique challenges due to their greater weight and the stresses they are subjected to, both during daily activities and, especially, during sexual intercourse.

Despite the robust adhesion provided by our glues, it is crucial to ensure that such products do not damage the skin. Therefore, there is a natural detachment point that varies based on several factors, including the weight of the prosthesis, the user's skin type and the intensity of the movements to which the prosthesis is subjected. This consideration is essential to maintain a balance between a firm adhesion and the protection of skin integrity, ensuring safe and comfortable use of the prostheses.


Some useful tips for correctly positioning the packer during daily use.

Choosing pants that can fit a person's physique as they transition can be challenging. Our advice is to avoid models that are too tight in the crotch area, or that excessively highlight the hips and waist.

adhesive flap

Adhesive flap

The adhesive flap is a flap of silicone that is applied to the FTM, STP, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 packers.

Ensures greater adhesion of the packer to the body. 

However, it is not a substitute for briefs, boxers or harnesses. The packers have a variable weight, but are always affected by gravity.

packing up

Upward packing

FTM Pymander packers have different shapes and, consequently, ways of use.

Models such as Yoda STP, Kylo STP,  Pym 3 in 1 and  Skin 4 in 1, given the shape, must be worn "upside down".

It is sufficient to keep the prosthesis lying along the pubis, with the tip facing upwards. 

It is important to make sure that the packer does not bend or "close" the genital area.

packing Jun

Packing downwards

The Pymbig, Pympack and Khaa models, with a different shape compared to the other models in the shop, can be worn "down".

It is sufficient to wear tight-fitting boxers/slips and place the prosthesis against the pubis.


Getting your FTM packer on correctly can be difficult if you're just starting out.

 It is perfectly normal to need some time to get your body (and your mind) used to the presence of a penile prosthetic.

You can find harnesses and boxers specially designed to be used with Pymander realistic FTM packers in our shop.

Other models of briefs/boxers can be found online or in any physical store.

harness ring pymander

Harness & Pymharness

Our harness ring is meant to be used as a support during sexual intercourse. 

It is not necessary to support the packer during daily use, nor to use the STP - Stand to Pee function.

Alternatively, the Pymharness is available, both as a brief and as a boxer. It is a unique product of its kind and only available in the Pymander shop.

pymander boxer


To comfortably wear your FTM packer, simply wear tight boxers or briefs.

In this way, the packer will be held in position against the pubis without the risk of moving.

Using the adhesive flap can help the packer stick against the pubis.

The adhesive flap is however not a substitute for boxer/harness during sexual intercourse.

front pouch

"Front pouch" and other models

There are various models of boxers / briefs on the market.

Some have the so-called "front pouch", or small pocket, in which the packer can be stored.

That way, it won't come into direct contact with your skin.

It is the ideal choice for those who tend to sweat a lot or are subject to irritation/redness from contact and rubbing.

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