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The repairs in question are directed at prostheses not under warranty.
If the denture has damage upon receipt by the buyer, it must be immediately communicated and after verification with photos or videos  it will be covered by warranty. 

Please contact us and fill in theGoogle Forms below.

Please note:

  • We cannot accept the repair of dentures that are older than two years.

  • The prosthesis must be sent in the cloth bag/backpack received at the time of purchase or, alternatively, in a protective and safe packaging for the product.

  • The denture must be odorless and free of stains.

  • Otherwise, the laboratory may avail itself of the right to decline the repair of the aforementioned prosthesis and return it to the sender, with shipping at his expense.

  • Each repair has costs which are estimated by contacting our customer service on the number +39 3519054599 or by email, at

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