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Unfortunately, our laboratories can no longer accept skin photos from customers because, in any case, the skin matching would not be reliable based on the customer's expectations.
For this reason we invite you to indicate the color by referring to the tables below.


Skin tone, or complexion, is determined by the amount of melanin, a pigment produced by melanocytes.

Darker skin tones contain more melanin, which serves as a kind of natural protection against sun damage. In contrast, lighter skin tones contain less melanin.


Skin undertone is a key component of overall skin color that remains consistent regardless of sun exposure or lighting conditions.

It represents the color that can be seen beneath the surface of the skin.

There are three main types of undertones: warm, cool and neutral.

Warm undertones tend to have a yellow, gold, or peachy base.

The cool undertone has a blue or pink base.

Neutral undertone is a combination of warm and cool undertones.

To determine your undertone:

Look at the color of the veins on your wrist. If the veins appear green, the undertone is warm.

If your veins look blue or purple, your undertone is probably cool.

If the color of the veins cannot be determined, the undertone is neutral.

Knowing your skin undertone is essential to understanding the skin tone matching method that we provide.


The skin of the penis tends to be darker than the rest of the body, due to the influence of androgen hormones, such as testosterone.

During puberty, the body goes through a series of hormone-driven changes. One of these changes is the increased production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color.

This increase in melanin is often most pronounced in the genital region, making the skin in these areas darker than the rest of the body.

The color of the prosthesis and glans may appear differently on different screens/displays, as well as vary according to laboratory productions.
Each prosthesis is unique and different from any other.


The table below shows the basic colors used in our prosthetic laboratories.

These colors, part of our core palette, are combined in a specific way with those in the previous table.

The matching process requires meticulous attention, as each individual's ethnic origin results in a different skin undertone.

This variety of undertones must be accurately represented in our creations to ensure that every skin tone is respected and enhanced.

Additionally, it's important to note that the skin on the penis tends to be darker than the rest of the body, regardless of ethnicity.

This detail is considered in our creation process, allowing us to achieve an even higher level of realism and precision.

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