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  • How can I pay?
    It is possible to pay via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. To use Postepay please contact us to receive payment instructions. We do not accept personal checks and payments in cash or cash on delivery, as it is necessary to pay the payment in order to send the prosthesis into production.
  • Are any damage to the prosthesis covered by the warranty?
    Not necessarily. The claimed damages will be examined by our technical staff after a visual inspection of the prosthesis. In any case, any doubts about the regularity of the product must be communicated immediately. Damage caused by improper use will not be covered. Products that are used without care are the sole responsibility of the customer, and cause the cancellation of the guarantee. The use of the product in a manner not described on this site may be a reason for voiding the warranty.
  • Can i change my product?
    Due to the nature of the product, absolutely no exchanges will be accepted. Each product is customized specifically for the individual customer, and cannot be resold. Items can only be exchanged or returned if the product has not been removed from its original sealed packaging. The skin color chosen by the customer will not be considered a reason for exchange, return or refund.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, only if the prosthesis has not already entered production: any refunds due due to the cancellation of an order not yet in progress will be subject to a penalty of 20%. There will be no exceptions. The prostheses that have already reached the production stage cannot be canceled. ​
  • Can I pay in installments?
    No funding is provided, but after a telephone consultation, tailor-made discounts can be assessed. We usually provide payment in two installments: the first is necessary for the production of the product, and the second to allow it to be shipped. It is also possible to use the Klarna provider for splitting the payment into convenient installments.
  • How long will it take to receive my item?
    For years we have been shipping safely and promptly with GLS and SDA in Italy and DHL and UPS abroad. We choose the aforementioned couriers based on the best service in the area. The package is delivered in 48/72 hours, but there may be an unpredictable delay. We take no responsibility for the transit times of your shipment. It is important that, at the time of the order, a name is entered which can be found in case of absence of the recipient or other delivery problems. We therefore ask you to provide the full name or that of someone who lives with you, to ensure that the package is not returned to the sender in the event of multiple missed deliveries.
  • Will my package be shipped discreetly?
    Absolutely yes. All our products are shipped in boxes without description. No product information appears on the packaging. We value the privacy of our customers.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Due to the nature of the product, absolutely no returns or refunds will be accepted for these items. Each product is customized specifically for the individual customer, and cannot be resold. ​
  • What damages will be covered?
    In general, damage caused due to a manufacturing error (tearing due to stains or discoloration problems, such as flaking or fading) will be covered by the standard warranty. The first problems caused by daily wear can be covered depending on the outcome of the visual inspection. Any breakages discovered upon arrival of the shipment must be notified immediately and the product must not be lubricated. All our products are shipped with talcum powder which maintains the characteristics of softness, therefore they must be washed with soap and water, checked and only after having verified the actual integrity of the article can they be lubricated with a common oil for the body. The lubrication of the product definitively isolates the silicone and no longer allows any repairs. If you continue to use a product that has a defect that could cause further damage, the repair will not be covered. All approved repairs will be completed at no cost to the customer. The costs incurred for transport can be reimbursed at a cost determined by the company.
  • Will I get a tracking number with my order?
    Yes, the photo of the receipt will be emailed to you with the tracking number of the shipment barcode verifiable on the website of the courier selected for your shipment.
  • Will my order be shipped immediately after payment?
    No, our products are not ready in stock and are specifically made to order only. Production times are usually immediate after payment and in 25/30 working days your prosthesis can be shipped. It can happen that due to the unusually large number of orders we receive, a waiting list is created, in which case you will be notified immediately when ordering.
  • Do you ship abroad?
    Yes, we ship worldwide, we do it regularly. Shipping costs are assessed based on the country of destination and communicated promptly.
  • What should I do if I find a tear?
    Stop using it immediately! Do not continue to use a product that has a tear. Continuing to use it can cause further damage and void your warranty. Most damage can be repaired if caught early and corrected. Contact us immediately by e-mail and report the damage, attaching photos with detailed description. We usually respond within 48 hours with instructions on how to proceed.
  • How should I place my prosthesis in the boxers?
    Visit this section of our site to get a visual idea of the volume you will get in boxers with various prostheses. Some very important tips: - Never let her come into contact with the genital area. - Wear it keeping it "lying" along the pubis, tending upwards. - Wear boxers or tight briefs so you don't have to worry about "losing" them or not having enough grip. - The adhesive flap will help you in case you feel unsure about it.
  • How long can I wear the prosthesis?
    There is no general rule. We recommend not wearing the STP prosthesis for more than eight to twelve hours, and especially not to wear it overnight. Keeping the silicone that makes up the prosthesis in contact with the skin can prevent normal perspiration and induce more sweating.
  • How should I wear it to have intercourse?
    You have several options at your disposal for using it during sexual intercourse. - Buy the our boxers or briefs, already fitted with a hole and internal flap to make the prosthesis more stable during intercourse. - Alternatively, the harness ring. - If these options don't suit your needs, consider using the internal insertion auction Inner Doe. -
  • I am a cisgender man, how can you help me?
    Our laboratory also produces prostheses for cisgender men who report certain sufferings, such as: micropenia, hidden penis, erectile dysfunction. If you have a specific request, visit the appropriate page of the site and tell us your experience, we will do our best to meet your needs.
  • Do you have a physical store to visit to directly choose the products?
    Nope. Our products are created on request of the individual customer in our specialized laboratories. There is no physical store that acts as a showcase. However, if you live in the Milan area, it is possible to arrange a meeting by appointment to collect the prosthesis in person.
  • I cannot feel pleasure during oral intercourse, what can I do?
    The prosthesis, regardless of how it is worn, has no nerve endings. The pleasure experienced will always have a psychological and also a physical derivation. There are no particular precautions to follow: experimentation is the basis of an in-depth knowledge of oneself and of the relationship with one's own FTM transgender being.
  • Can I turn my 3 into 1 into 4 into 1?
    Yes, our laboratory offers a prosthesis repair and transformation service. The costs are shown in the appropriate section of the site.
  • Can I use stimulating toys on the prosthesis?
    Yes, you can use whatever you like, as long as you don't risk tearing the skin off the prosthesis. Example: a vibrating ring that is too tight.
  • I am a minor, how can I buy from you?
    We are not authorized to sell our products to minors. If you are interested in purchasing a penile prosthesis, you can use someone as a conduit, as long as they are of course of age.
  • How can I choose the color that best suits my needs?
    Our three basic colors (light, medium and dark) are perfectly suited to most existing skin tones. Also, remember that male genitals tend to have a darker color than the rest of the body. If you are not sure of your choice, write us an email or contact us on Whatsapp to let us have a photo of your forearm (with neutral light so as to better perceive your complexion). Some people have more rosy undertones, while others have more olive undertones; we will be happy to help you in your choice.
  • Which prosthesis is best for me?
    In order to give such subjective advice, we recommend having a telephone conversation with us. There is no "perfect" prosthesis, but certainly by evaluating various individual physical and economic parameters and your and your partner's preferences, we will be able to find the best solution together. We also invite you to consult the page
  • What are the differences between the various types of prostheses?
    Each section of the shop contains an accurate description of the prosthesis and its utilities, as well as the articles in our blog and posts on the Instagram profile.
  • I'm pre-T. Can i use your prostheses?
    Whether or not you are a pre-hormone therapy person has nothing to do with using the Pymander penile prosthesis. The only difference you can have is related to the stimulation since, thanks to the effect of testosterone, the clitoris tends to enlarge and be more sensitive.
  • How is the length of the prosthesis calculated?
    The length of the male genitalia is usually measured from the base (just below the pubic arch) to the tip of the glans. This is how we measure our products. The cm expressed for the various articles are the effective penetration length.
  • What liquid should I use for the Yummy Rod?
    Any type of liquid that is easy to clean and does not stick to the inside of the shaft. We recommend yogurt and dairy products.
  • How should I enter the auction?
    The rod must always be inserted with water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the prosthesis.
  • Which auction should I choose?
    The choice of the internal auction is purely subjective. Our customers have always shown great satisfaction in using the classic Pleasure auction already included in the price at the time of purchase. The NoDrip auction is designed for those who want to have extra security in the moment of urination. The Yummy auction allows its user to experience male ejaculation. The Inner Doe rod is vaginal insertion, and allows you to have penetrative sex without the use of boxer / harness to support the prosthesis.
  • How do I keep my prosthesis soft and hygienic?
    Our prostheses can be washed simply with soap and water, no special sanitizing detergents are needed. They should be kept lubricated with common body oil or water-based lubricant only when necessary: that is, if they feel dry to the touch. Use talcum powder if they are sticky. The difference in the reaction of silicone depends on the pH of the skin and the use made of it.
  • How should I take care of the adhesive flap?
    The adhesive flap we produce does not require the use of medical glue. However, should your flap lose its adhesive functionality due to multiple factors, such as wear or misuse, replacement adhesive sheets can be purchased. It is strictly forbidden to use talcum powder in contact with the adhesive flap, as it would dry out, depriving it of its specific adhesion. We recommend washing the adhesive flap using neutral PH soap and lukewarm water. It is also not recommended to use it if you are not completely shaved. We also remind you that the adhesive flap is NOT a substitute for boxer / harness and accessories necessary to support the prosthesis during sexual intercourse.
  • Can I boil the prosthesis to sanitize it?
    No, it is neither useful nor necessary for the sterilization of the prosthesis.
  • Can I feel pleasure using the prosthesis?
    It is statistically confirmed by our customers that our prostheses allow you to feel pleasure, not just to give it to your partner. This is why it is very important to choose the right rod to insert by visiting the appropriate page of the shop and choosing the stimulating head that best suits your body.
  • Can my prosthesis be used for sex?
    The prostheses of the 3 and 4 in 1 line are specially created to allow its user to have penetrative sex with the use of a condom. The outer layer is made of a high quality 100% platinum silicone, with health certification to achieve the feeling of a very realistic "skin" of the penis and scrotum. This particular silicone is non-toxic and safe for use on the skin, but it is not intended for sexual penetration. If our customers choose it for intercourse, the use of a condom is recommended, for the safety of themselves and the partner. This will also help reduce the associated risk of STDs, and will help keep your prosthesis clean and in good condition.
  • How can I have relationships without having to "stop" to enter the auction?
    This is currently not possible. To make the prosthesis rigid and suitable for penetrative intercourse, it is necessary to insert the rod to change the state from flaccid to erect. We recommend that you treat this little "ritual" as a situation that isn't relegated to being a trans man: before having sex, it's common to go to the bathroom and take a few moments for yourself.
  • The rod slips from the prosthesis. Why?
    If the inner shaft comes out of the prosthesis, it is due to excessive lubrication. We recommend that you try to use tighter boxers / briefs, or alternatively, harnesses. The ideal position of the prosthesis is with the stimulating mouth resting just above the urethra; in this way it will be possible to feel pleasure together with your * partner.
  • Can I urinate without taking off my pants?
    The prosthesis must be positioned correctly so trousers or tight jeans do not allow this maneuver. We recommend that you lower them to the point where you can take the inclined position. The slip, if normally elastic, or with side opening can be kept in place.
  • Can I use the prosthesis in the sea or if I go swimming?
    Yes. Our prosthesis can be used in the swimming pool or by the sea, in saunas and whirlpools.
  • How can I use the prosthesis to urinate?
    All of our products have been designed to urinate normally while wearing the prosthesis. The prosthesis does not cover the urethra, so you have to learn to position the scrotum down and lean forward with the body to urinate correctly. We suggest taking a shower test.The prosthesis must be inclined in such a way as to favor the downward flow.
  • Can I use an STP packer to have intercourse?
    Of course not. The STP packers are designed to have the STAND TO PEE function only, they are therefore unusable for the sexual act, as they lack an internal rod and unable to maintain the desired rigidity.
  • Flaps and medical glues PymTac and PymGlue A+B
    All 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 prostheses are equipped with the edge - flap at the time of purchase. To ensure that the flap adheres against the skin, it is necessary to use PymTac medical glue or, alternatively, PymGlue A+B. PYMTAC: INSTRUCTIONS -Use the special brush supplied to distribute the glue on the adhesive flap. -Before applying the adhesive flap to the skin, make sure the glue is completely dry, otherwise it will not stick. -The glue is sensitive to pressure: it is therefore recommended to press on the application area to maximize adhesion. -To remove liquid glue from the skin you need to use the appropriate remover. PYMGLUE A+B: INSTRUCTIONS - Mix equal quantities of glue A and glue B in the appropriate transparent container supplied. - Apply glue to the flap. - Wait about 30 seconds. - Keep the flap pressed against the skin until it adheres completely. REMOVER: INSTRUCTIONS Lift one edge of the adhesive flap so as to detach it from the skin. Pour a drop of remover. Wait a few seconds for it to take effect. Remove the adhesive flap from the skin gently.
  • STP and walking packer
    The products belonging to the STP / packer walking category are ideal for daily use. We have two different shapes: the Yoda and Kylo prostheses are different than the Khaa, which has a downward shape. However, the use is the same. Some tips to follow: Wash the prosthesis after each use with water and neutral soap. To use it as an STP, practice a little, maybe in the shower. For optimal use, hold the prosthesis tilted downwards, supporting it with one hand: in this way you will favor the flow and avoid any spillage. It is not necessary to sanitize the prosthesis by boiling it in water: the platinum medical silicone that composes it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and does not retain odors. However, due to prolonged contact with the genital area, the smell may change. In that case, wash the prosthesis with vinegar.
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