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A physiognomy prosthesis is a medical device used to reconstruct parts of the body that have been damaged due to congenital malformations or traumatic injuries. This type of prosthesis is customized for each patient and can be removable or permanent, depending on the needs.

ftm top surgery

Top surgery FTM

The FTM trans male mastectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of breast tissue to create a more masculine chest. This procedure is often performed as part of the gender transition process.

Mastectomy can be performed in several ways, including periareolar mastectomy, nipple-preserving mastectomy, and radical mastectomy. The choice of method depends on patient preference and the amount of tissue to be removed.

ftm man nipples

Prosthetic nipples

Following mastectomy surgery, some people may require their nipples to be removed for a variety of reasons, from cosmetic preference to wound healing problems, which can lead to complete loss of nipples.

Our post-mastectomy nipples are specially designed to perfectly recreate their shape and texture. These are highly customizable prostheses based on the needs of the individual.

nipple prosthesis

Medical glue

To keep the prosthetic nipples firmly against the chest, it is necessary to use the high-strength medical glue already included in the price at the time of purchase.

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