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To make the prostheses erect and, consequently, to be able to have sexual intercourse, it is necessary to use our rods.

They are rigid, custom made to be used with our FTM 3 in 1 pack n' play and 4 in 1 packers with movable skin.

The standard FTM rod with "spikes" mouth is already included in the price at the time of purchase.

It is possible to choose a different stimulating mouth, depending on one's subjective needs and on the bottom growth derived from the assumption of testosterone in FTM trans people.

3 in 1 auction

Standard rod included in the price

The standard rod with spikes mouthpiece is included in the price at the time of purchase.

The rods can only be used with FTM 3 in 1 pack n' play, 4 in 1 prosthetics with removable skin.

The “old” Spike was slightly smaller and 1cm deep. Our new Spike is a little larger and 3cm deep. This is to give greater support space and comfort to those who use it.

rod mouthpiece

Stimulating mouths

It is possible to choose between three different stimulating mouths, depending on your level of sensitivity.
Taking testosterone makes one's genitals more sensitive.

Pre-T people can still get pleasure from it.

inner doe rod

Yummy and Inner Doe

The Yummy rod has an internal tank, which allows you to simulate male ejaculation and meet the needs of those who particularly suffer from bottom dysphoria.

The Inner Doe rod, with internal insertion, allows the prosthesis to be used without the support of boxers or briefs.




Choose the stimulating mouthpiece that best suits your needs

Our mouthpieces are designed to be suitable for every body type.

Try the various stimulation differences!

INNER DOE (1).jpg
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