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The use of the social penile prosthesis is the first step towards an autonomous and complete rediscovery of oneself.

Our products are made with the utmost care and precision by technicians highly specialized in anaplastology and special effects.

This unique combination of skills allows us to offer the highest quality prosthetics, designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our attention to detail and commitment to artisanal perfection ensure results that not only meet, but exceed expectations.


FTM Packer & Stand to Pee

In this section of the shop you will find FTM packers with the sole function of daily packer, STP - Stand to Pee,

Each product is described in detail.

Read the information carefully before proceeding with your purchase.

tape binder ftm

Binder, Tape, Harness

In addition to FTM packers, Stand to Pee will also find products such as boxers, harnesses, stimulating mouthpieces and adhesive tape.

Our shop offers everything an FTM, Non-Binary or Genderqueer transgender person could want, at an affordable price and with always active and complete customer support.

boxer harness


To ensure a comfortable and safe fit of packers and STP prostheses, it is advisable to use tight-fitting boxers or briefs. This type of underwear helps keep the packer stable in the desired position, preventing unwanted movement throughout the day.

The use of harnesses or adhesive flaps is not strictly necessary to ensure the stability of the packer, making the experience of use simpler and more practical.

By choosing tight-fitting boxers or briefs, you can achieve maximum comfort and safety without additional accessories.

"Such an amazing customer service who helped me a lot with every question I had! Thank you so much!"

Gregor, USA

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