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3 in 1 vene paragone


The 3-in-1 functionality offers realistic packing, a reliable stand-to-pee feature, and effective play options, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking versatility and confidence.

Discover the best Pymander 3-in-1 packer today and take a step towards alleviating bottom dysphoria while enhancing your daily life with this essential, high-quality product.

The prosthesis, in itself very soft when "rested", can become rigid like a biological penis thanks to the insertion of the special internal shaft, equipped with a stimulating mouth already included at the time of purchase.

Pleasure is guaranteed for both people involved in the intercourse.
Realism varies depending on your needs and purchasing possibilities.

They are products suitable for FTM, Non Binary, FTX, Transmascoline, Genderfluid transgender people.


The FTM Pymander packers have a minimum size of 12 cm and a maximum of 17 cm (insertable length which includes only the trunk of the prosthesis and the tip).

The STP - Stand to Pee prostheses vary in size between 9 and 12 cm.

The intermediate size of 15 cm in the 3 in 1 Pack N' Play and 4 in 1 Skin packers can be managed with complete peace of mind, whereas a 12 cm prosthesis could be too small, and 17 cm too big and visible.

We invite the customer to reflect on his own physique compared to the size of the FTM prosthetic.

Realistic measurements

The realistic measurements (both in length and girth) make Pymander prostheses manageable in every function, from packing to sexual use.

Slim fitting Boxers/Briefs

To wear Pymander prostheses comfortably, it is sufficient to wear fairly tight boxers or briefs.

If the size you choose feels uncomfortable or too noticeable, we suggest experimenting with different types of underwear and bottoms.

Packing up, packing down

Depending on the shape of the prosthesis, it can be worn in two ways: up or down. The FTM 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 SKIN packers, given their shape, must be worn upwards, unlike models such as Pymbig or Pympack.

It is important to avoid direct contact with the genitals.

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