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Currently, the prosthesis is, and always has been, the opportunity offered to those people who have suffered the loss of a member or were born with a pathology, to return to their normal activities. Its applications date back to ancient Egypt, where cosmetic prostheses were made so that the deceased went into the afterlife with his complete body.


However, the prostheses that allow more complex activities date back to the 19th century. In recent decades, the prosthesis industry has seen a great leap in terms of quality and performance characteristics, allowing it to perform almost any activity using customized prostheses for different tasks.


As technologies for manufacturing and control advance, the expansion will tend to shift towards the production of affordable, yet highly realistic, prosthetics.

This is important both in the case of a penile prosthesis intended for all those men who have undergone demolition surgery following accidents or tumors, or who suffer from micropenia, and for transgender men who are waiting or not for genital reconstruction surgery.

These people must be able to have access to affordable prostheses, so that they can experience an emotional pattern that does not negatively affect their body image and can promote psychological well-being.


Pymander has invested since the beginning of its foundation in the design and development of prosthetics while exploring the social meanings surrounding the use of artificial devices. Telephone and in-person interviews with 500 prosthetic users were conducted, together with the analysis of posts published on a discussion group for FtM users, in order to derive data subject to a phenomenological interpretative analysis. It was concluded that the use of the somatic prosthesis plays an important social role in the lives of these people and the possibility such use has allowed them to ward off the stigmatization which in turn has allowed their social integration and the reduction of the emotional problems that surround them. such discomfort.


Over the past decade, there have been great advances in the development of prosthetic devices, which is why even silicone penile implants must look so realistic and match the skin so accurately that they can nullify the visual impact of an aesthetic difference. In other words, they must include details such as skin texture, vein undertone, moles, etc. This goal has never been achieved in Italy in the context of this type of prosthesis.


In fact, we are the first facility in Italy in the production and restoration of social somatic penile prostheses

Social Somatic Penile Prosthetics especially require multidisciplinary commitment - we are dedicated in every way, professionally and personally, because we love our job and thrive on seeing our clients relieved to be able to wear a natural looking penis.


Our next goals:


  • 3D printing of the study of the customized models

  • Osseointegrated magnetic attachments to allow maximum freedom of movement without having to wear any type of support

  • A prosthetic system integrated with the communication of implanted electromyographic and neural sensors that provide the natural control and sensory sensation of touch and proprioception is the next stage of prosthetic technology to come.

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Hyper-realistic penile prostheses
made with Skin Safe Certified by NAMSA platinum silicone

Social Somatic Prosthesis


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