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How to take care of your Pymander FTM prosthesis packer

it's important to keep your FTM packer prosthesis clean and hygienic.

Pymander's products are made of medical grade skin safe platinum silicone, which is anallergic, safe for the skin, and doesn't retain liquids or odors.

Here are some tips to help you to keep your STP, Pack and Play or 4 in 1 packer clean.

There's not such a thing as a "specific cleaner".

There are various products available for cleaning and maintaining sex toys, including those aimed for STP, pack and play, and daily packers.

These products are not strictly necessary.

Their contents are no different from any other type of soap available on the market, and the only significant difference is the price.

We advise against being misled by marketing tactics and recommend using simple soap and water for cleaning and maintenance.

Use neutral soap and water

One of the most important aspects of caring for a FTM packer is regular washing with soap and water.

This helps to remove dirt and bacteria that may have accumulated on the surface.

It is important to note that using special sanitizing detergents may damage the material of the prosthesis and should be avoided.

Another consideration when caring for a FTM packer is keeping it soft and comfortable. Regular lubrication with body oil or water-based lubricant, as needed, can help with this, expecially when it comes to 4 in 1 realistic packers with movable skin.

This is especially important if the packer is becoming dry to the touch.

If the prosthesis becomes sticky, applying talcum powder can help; however, it is important to avoid using talcum powder on the adhesive flap, as this can dry it out and reduce its adhesion.

It is preferable to wash the prosthesis after each use, especially if it is used with the Stand to Pee function.

When water and soap are not available, wet wipes can be a temporary solution if you are not at home.

Adhesive Flap

Using neutral pH soap and warm water can help remove dirt and bacteria that may have accumulated on the surface of the adhesive flap applied on your FTM packer.

It is important to note that the adhesive flap should not be used if the area is not completely depilated, as this can affect its functionality.

It is crucial to understand that the adhesive flap is not a substitute for necessary boxer/harness and accessories to support the prosthesis during sexual intercourse. While the adhesive flap can help keep the packer in place, additional support is still necessary to prevent any accidents or discomfort.


Boiling the FTM packer to sanitize it is neither necessary nor effective. Following these simple tips can help keep your FTM packer prosthesis clean and hygienic, ensuring that it lasts for a long time.

How to store the FTM packer prosthesis

By purchasing a Pymander packer, you will receive a practical bag where you can store your prosthesis (or prostheses if you are a loyal customer) comfortably.

From time to time, you can cover the prosthesis with talcum powder, being careful not to get it on the adhesive flap.


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