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ftm gay straight couple scaffold metoidioplasty extensor



Our extenders are designed to offer maximum realism to its user, adapting perfectly to the anatomy derived from phalloplasty and metoidioplasty operations on FTM, non-binary, transmasc people.
Lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean, they are the perfect choice to improve the appearance of your surgery if it hasn't fully met your expectations.

extensor metoidioplasty


Metoidioplasty is a less invasive alternative to phalloplasty to create a new phallus approximately 3-6cm long and 1.5-2cm in diameter. While it does not allow for sexual penetration, the resulting neophallus fulfills most functions. This intervention maximizes the effects of clitoral hypertrophy (bottom growth) obtained with the assumption of testosterone.


Phalloplasty Penis Sleeve

A phalloplasty involves removing tissue from the genital area and creating a penis using tissue from elsewhere on the body, such as the forearm or thigh. The surgery can be performed in several phases and requires a long and challenging post-operative recovery period.

Our scaffold-extenders for phalloplasty are extremely realistic and practical, ideal for those who are facing the first stages of phalloplasty surgery.

gender dysphoria

Bottom Dysphoria

The term "bottom dysphoria" indicates the dysphoria felt by trans* people towards their genitals. 

Realistic penile prostheses are a valid ally to alleviate it, but it is not always enough.

Metoidioplasty and phalloplasty operations are a valid alternative for those who need to reflect themselves in their own body without the aid of prostheses and FTM packers.

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