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Would you like to try a packer for the first time or  renew yours, but don't want or can't spend too much money?

If you are viewing this page then you are looking for an affordable solution!

Pymander can meet you.


Failed prostheses with slight aesthetic manufacturing defects

Many times these prostheses do not show great differences compared to a perfect one, for this reason they can be sold at a discounted price, after careful quality control, but at a lower price up to 50% compared to the same model of new prosthesis.

Failed prostheses are excellent purchase opportunities because the yield on the body is like new and the low cost allows for significant savings.

By purchasing a failed or remanufactured prosthesis you do not give up the pleasure of buying and keep costs low.



Worn or damaged prostheses.


Has your prosthesis been damaged by time? Do you want to renew the realistic coloring? Send us a photo and we will reply quickly with a cost estimate.


Possible OPTIONS:

  • Re-upholster your packer (any brand) with our unique, supple, soft, ralistic leather. Approximate costs from € 150 to € 200 (+ shipping)


  •   Replace the damaged glans: € 15 (+ shipping)


  • Transform the 3 or 4 in 1 prosthesis into a full prosthesis with stimulating support for sexual intercourse: € 30 (+ shipping)

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