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FTM packer master guide!

  • What is a packer?

  • What's the price range?

  • Who's going to buy them?

  • What's the difference between a packer and a sex toy?

  • What are the various types of packers?

  • How to take care of them?

Packers: an introduction

A packer, or realistic penile prosthesis, is an important tool for self-recognition for FTM and trans-masculine transgender people.

There are four categories of packers:

Daily packer


3 in 1

4 in 1

Daily packer

Thedaily packer is soft and designed to be comfortable, easy to maintain and suitable for creating the desired volume in your pants. Economical and essential, as the name implies, it is only suitable for this purpose.

STP: Stand to Pee

The Stand to Pee packers are hollow inside, therefore ideal for urinating standing up: this function creates a substantial difference compared to simple walking packers.

The shape can be upward (Yoda and Kylo) or resting downward (Khaa), depending on your preferences.

In both cases, to use it at its best, it is necessary to keep it tilted downwards, in such a way as to favor its flow.

We also emphasize that it is necessary to do some practice to understand how to maintain the right angle and avoid spills; we recommend that you practice in the shower or, in any case, at home.

Wear tight-fitting undergarments to keep the prosthesis in place and provide you with optimal comfort.

3 in 1