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Rising raw material costs: how we react

To our valued customers:

Already in the course of last year 2021, the prices of the materials of our suppliers have risen constantly: from silicones to resins, colors and solvents, stabilizers and additives, adhesives. Even the fabrics for packaging and boxes  for packaging are on the rise, ditto the printing of company references and instructions for use. In the last 3 months alone we have seen a 200% and in some cases up to 400% increase in material costs.


What are we doing in response?

We had been alerted by our suppliers and tried to buy as much material as possible at the previous price, but stocks quickly ran out.

For this reason we have been able to absorb the costs for some time and will continue to do so wherever possible. Our team has also researched alternatives for many of the materials we use, but we cannot do it for the silicones we use and we will always be the most important manufacturer worldwide that  guarantees us to keep the quality of such materials to our highest standards.


What does this mean for PYMANDER customers?

We will continue to work hard to find alternatives, however the continued escalation of costs will shortly put us in the difficult position where we will have to pass some of these cost increases onto the final price. We have chosen this option instead of sacrificing the safety and quality of our products.


We hope that you will continue to choose us as your prosthetic partner as we address this situation and continue to give you our best.  If you need clarification on product increases or how this increase is impacting you specifically, please let us know.

For further questions, please contact our customer service.



Gabriele Dario Belli Founder & CEO