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Gabriele Dario Belli

I am Gabriele Dario Belli , CEO and founder of Pymander, the first Italian company in the production and distribution of penile prostheses.


In 2010 I created ForToMan, then evolved in 2017 into Pymander, immediately financing the anaplastological research of somatic prosthetics to improve the life of men suffering from hypogonadism, impotence and, more generally, from somatosexual, psychological or - as trivial as for a great many men it is unbearable - dissatisfaction with the size of the penis . Over the years, Pymander has also become the first Italian manufacturer of FTM new male prostheses.


The search for materials and people who could help me solve these wide range of problems has created a company that combines the unparalleled craftsmanship quality with the efficiency of what, starting as a small start-up, can now boast a structure and a presence on the market more than flattering, going beyond the wildest expectations.

I have been repaid exponentially for every sacrifice, for the hours of trying, failing and starting again, to finally see the best genital prosthetic products made: from the first P&G, we have come a long way ... together with all of you, that group of customers that more and more it has become a community that follows us.